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Up and down

Hey!! So much time has passed since my last post!
I missed you!
I spent some time feeling up and down, roller coaster-style!
Luckily my current mood is really up!
I just got back from Aragon, a weekend “almost” perfect but very very funny…
As time goes by I realize the difficulties that SBK hide at the beginning..
I feel like I’m more and more in love with the ‘two races in one day’ formula.. not really when the second one goes like Aragon’s because it’s the last memory that “bounce” more in my mind, but I have to improve if I want to feel even more happy :)
The team and I have faced difficult times, however this gave us the chance to know each other more deeply and I am sure we consequently focused where the real problem of my R1 is…
Now there is a two-week break…
On Saturday 25th I will be at ‘Dolomiti Ride’, the following weekend I’ll be in Belgium at Spa for a historic motorcycles event, and honestly I haven’t understood yet whether I’m going to ride one or just take a look at them… I’d definitely like to try one, but at the same time I’m very scared of doing it… They are like icons to me, more than just simple motorbikes, maybe difficult to control as well…
At Aragon the heat was so crazy Manu and I bought an inflatable pool to play a little bit after the race… The real problem was that my neighbor Camier in race 1 and 2 was drying his underwear nearby… Bad surprise for him when he found out everithing unexpectedly fell into the water! Haha, at least he must have been fresh during the race ;) I was expecting a punch, but he forgave me.. Thank you Camier.
This Saturday there will be X-Fighters in Rome: the only Italian taking part in it is my friend Massimo Bianconcini and I feel sorry I won’t be there to see him, but Dolomiti are calling me… :) Have fun Max!
I can not wait to get back in the saddle at Brno, the championship is heating up, we must think of giving our best and have fun, then in October we’ll see, now I have nothing to lose…
I’m looking forward to taking a double victory in one day, but my opponents do not think the same way…
Now I leave you and promise to update you on my travels before Brno…


  1. abrownduck2 wrote:

    Your a champion Marco. Keep up the hard work and i am sure you will get to drink lots more bubbly on the podium this year. come october you will stand head and shoulders above max and carlos

    30 Jun
  2. Len wrote:

    Hi Marco

    Great to see you up on the top of the Rostrum, do not forget you are the best. Good luck at Silverstone, hope to see you there.
    All the best

    22 Jul

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