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After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you…

After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you…
I’m sorry for this long absence…. but they were very intense months.
As you know, me and Manu are waiting for the longest and maybe most important contest of our life. So scary!!! ; ) )
We will live day by day facing the happiness and the effort step by step…
I always say to myself that if our grandparents got it by during the war, nowadays we will make it.
We didn’t attend any kind of course neither prenatal nor for parents, we want to learn everything thanks to our vocation and discover new things every day.
The Fifa World Cup is going to finish, unfortunately Italy has done the same bad impression as always…
I don’t speak about the unsatisfying score, it happens in this kind of competitions,
but I speak about the Italians’s behaviour toward their team.
After the first match against UK, everybody acclaimed the team: “the best ever team”, “the incredible team”, Balotelli already carried in triumph…
And then… after 2 consecutive defeats, everybody began to disapprove the team: the management, the coach, the players…. Sorry but they ain’t no super heroes.
10 days before everything was different???
And again the same old procedure of some “genius” began, everybody had brilliant solutions in their hands… but everybody later and at the hometown bars…

I always say that if you support your team, you have to support it more when the things go bad.
Because when you win, everything is easy and everybody says you are a champion, when instead until the day before they throwing you loads of sh**…
During the past few days, I red some news and it seemed that Prandelli crucified Balotelli saying: “Mario isn’t a champion, he only has some good days.
Then I watched his interview on the tv and Prandelli Said: “Mario isn’t a complete champion, there are still days where he is serious difficulty and he has still to grow.
By the TV, it seemed a standard release and no critics, on the news-paper, it sounded striking only because they cut the word “ complete”…
The point of the matter is that they often show us only what they want, but they rarely show us the true facts.
This is the same also for Italian Politics..
They want to make us believe that every politician will make every effort but it seems that the things get worse and worse and we pay more and more taxes during the years!
I ask myself: where does all this money go?
We need Economic Laissaz-faire and a lot of optimism to change the economic expectations and bring back the desire to invest and make something real in our country
How will Italy pay a € 2000 billion tax debt?
When chat with some foreign friends about the Italian situation they always ask me why a revolution is not yet broke out or how is possible live in this situation.
The fact is that we really live in the most beautiful place on earth, if we could just be masters of our lives we could have an incredible power of progress. Instead, in Italy there is the “unwritten law” that if a company is profitable, probably it’s because it is stealing… So: companies that can run away, do it.

Ok, I started from speaking about an happy event and I finished to speak about something that seems policy. I say this because I can’t understand yet how to recognize the Right from the Left, But I have just some simple ideas that could make easier some Italian bureaucracy problems.
Said that, I return to me, I fill in the US visa documents and I venture into the Californian Hills, toward one of the Round that I most love the most: Laguna Seca.
I don’t know what seduces me, maybe the weather, the people, or the circuit… but as soon as I arrive there, I feel good, strong and I’m at ease.
The championship is gone for some reasons, so I will fight challenge for challenge, giving the best ever of me on my motorbike and in the garage with most caution.

What are your programs for summer?
My goal is to become record breaker in the nappies change! Ahaah
I will do short day-holidays all around Italy, the passion for the flight take me every day more. 5 years ago, I didn’t even know the existence of this world.
I want to visit the Elba Island, maybe I’ll try to have also a weekend in Sardinia.
On May, I flew from the north of the Czech Republic until Italy. It was fantastic although I didn’t sleep a lot during the night before because I was nervous.
The secret is that the weather must be perfect. Really… I was scared to fly over the Alpes so I changed my route flying over Maribor in Slovenia, extending the round but like this, I felt more safe.
The evening before we planned the route, we made the flight plan. A flight supervision gives you more security and so, even if I was flying alone, I was not really alone because every 15/20 minutes, they asked me where I was, my altitude and to confirm the route so that they could alert me about some possible traffic.
What a pity there isn’t Brno, I would have liked to land on the start straight.
Now I have to run away but I promise you that I will come back for the end of August and I will tell you some new adventures.
On August there will be the church’s “Jet Sky Mondialito”. Ahahaah, I’m just kidding this is a direct challenge I usually do with Alex Salvini, Bianconcini e Miki Monti in a little lake with the buoyes. So tin that day until dinner we will not friends.. .ahha
I hope I will find some time for also some enduro night run, since we won’t sleep so much, at least I hope to spend one night with my motorbike.
Now I have to run away, the hostess is getting angry with me because we are going to land!



  1. Kelly Hyland wrote:

    Great to read this from you Marco and best wishes to you and Manu , you will be wonderful parents . X

    17 Jul
  2. Marion wrote:

    Congratulations on the birth of Martina (thought she might be named with a M) when are you going to post a picture?

    19 Jul
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    All the best to you and your family. You will be a wonderful father!

    23 Jul
  4. zoe brunt wrote:

    congratulatios on the birth of your daughter martina, you and manu are going to be brilliant parents

    23 Jul
  5. kos33 wrote:

    Hey man! See you are struggling with tha aprilia in Sepang. You said that you feel like you’re riding like a beginner. It’s a frustrating period. But don’t give up! You ‘re a great, fighting rider! Put your efforts in your purpose and have faith in the team. Work and only work will make things better. There is no easy way… But there is a great, beautiful top of the mountain… Climb to reach it with all your heart! Best wishes!!!

    05 Feb

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