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After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you…

After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you… I’m sorry for this long absence…. but they were very intense months. As you know, me and Manu are waiting for the longest and maybe most important contest of our life. So scary!!! ; ) ) We will live day by day facing [...]

My shoulder conditions

Hi guys! Unfortunately my shoulder conditions before Australia were true… Races went as you know, but the problem to my shoulder once I was on the bike was worst than I thought… In addiction to that I also fell on it and things went from bad to worse, or maybe the situation just got worse [...]

Finnaly, we start again!

For those who don’t belong to the motorbike world, this would seem like a very long holiday… but actually, it isn’t like that! In very truth, I have to say that I spent lots of winters trying to heal injuries that occurred during the season, sometimes through surgical interventions and endless rehabilitations and sometimes just [...]

Once again the season is over…

Once again the season is over… It has been an amazing year, rich of positive and negative emotions, but generally I’m satisfied and happy… It’s true that the last memories are those most vivid in one’s mind, but I should not forget the real target that we fixed at the biginning of this season and [...]

After a short summer break here I am again to say hello!

So many things have changed from the last letter… I’m living a good time. I’m working hard – as well as all the people around me – and finally reaping the fruits sown in years where things were not going well…
I think races are a little bit what real life is but speeded up and [...]

It’s 15 years that I travel…

It’s 15 years that I travel around the world, but still now I don’t know how to beat the jet lag. It’s 3 o’ clock in the morning and I’m awaken staring at the wall, Manu is sleeping…. I envy her! I did such a real dream that it seemed to be reality…the American Dream! [...]

Around the world for 15 years

Around the world for 15 years but still do not have a minimum plan to defeat the time zone and was wide awake at 3 am I am already staring at the wall, the Manu sleeps like a pigeon .. Envy! I seem to have done one of those dreams so real that I think [...]

Yeeeeeeeeah Yeaaaah Yeah!!!

Yeeeeeeeeah Yeaaaah Yeah!!!We are part of history!!! When I used to go to school, history was a subject that I really didn’t like, I considered it useless, I could not explain why was so important to know the past to improve the future.. Then gradually I understood how past experinces can drive us for the [...]

Sorry guys….

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Sorry guys if this was the longest break since I had started my diary… Today we will face more or less delicate issues, I would like to clarify one last controversial point and then no more words about it… Unfortunately for sport and for motorcycle racing it has been a very difficult moment..Starting from [...]

Up and down

Hey!! So much time has passed since my last post! I missed you! I spent some time feeling up and down, roller coaster-style! Luckily my current mood is really up! I just got back from Aragon, a weekend “almost” perfect but very very funny… As time goes by I realize the difficulties that SBK hide [...]