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My shoulder conditions

Hi guys!
Unfortunately my shoulder conditions before Australia were true…
Races went as you know, but the problem to my shoulder once I was on the bike was worst than I thought…
In addiction to that I also fell on it and things went from bad to worse, or maybe the situation just got worse to the point of making me stop. The 10th March – Indian GP- was very close and we can say that all these things that happened were the alarm bell that we couldn’t ignore. At this point it was clear I needed a surgery, and if you’re asking yourselves why I didn’t have it before, my answer is that the real problem was hidden by other symptoms and problems.
In November all my tendons were swollen, but we weren’t sure about the presence of a shoulder micro-instability. It took a long time to cure it, after that we worked out to find more stability, and actually the situation seemed to be getting better.
At the gym I worked out quite normally, sometimes I had some strange painful stitch, but we [...]

Phillip Island: I need to get a handle on the situation.

Result Race 1: 2nd / Result Race 2: 8th.
“Race 1 went well. I got off to a good start and then I was able to ride smoothly in the first few laps to conserve my tyres for the end. Unfortunately after the halfway point the bike was sliding around a lot. I wasn’t able to be incisive so when Eugene took the lead I preferred holding onto second place. In Race 2 I wanted to [...]

My new 2014 APRILIA RSV4 SBK

Very rarely has a bike ever impressed me like this one. I liked it straight away. It looks aggressive and elegant at the same time, with a really original colour combination. As a rider I obviously focus on speed, but as an enthusiast I can appreciate a beautiful and well refined bike. Aesthetic details are [...]

Phillip Island test. I’m ready for battle.

We were finally able to lap in good weather! I’m pleased because we completed the scheduled programme, gathering a lot of information from the test sessions. Now we just have to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to find the best place to start for the weekend. I think I have a [...]

Jerez tests: …two difficult but satisfactory days

“We had two difficult days here again. The weather didn’t help. Yesterday we tried a few things with the electronics in the wet and things were going well. Then I made a stupid mistake and crashed. Today we were able to lap on a dry track although there were still a lot of wet spots [...]

After Portimao test

“Considering the difficult weather conditions, the first two days were a bit wasted. The last day was a particular day. We made a lot of progress with the electronics but we had a few problems with the chassis set up. The track improved little by little and the settings had trouble coping. Toward the end [...]

Jerez, last test of the year.

I’m very happy about this testing period, particularly because I’m still not 100% satisfied with the way I’m riding the bike. We especially need to work on braking coming into slow turns. Over these three days we have identified the things we can discard for the future and my relationship has grown with the team, [...]