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After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you…

After nearly a year, I finally found the way to write you…
I’m sorry for this long absence…. but they were very intense months.
As you know, me and Manu are waiting for the longest and maybe most important contest of our life. So scary!!! ; ) )
We will live day by day facing the happiness and the effort step by step…
I always say to myself that if our grandparents got it by during the war, nowadays we will make it.
We didn’t attend any kind of course neither prenatal nor for parents, we want to learn everything thanks to our vocation and discover new things every day.
The Fifa World Cup is going to finish, unfortunately Italy has done the same bad impression as always…
I don’t speak about the unsatisfying score, it happens in this kind of competitions,
but I speak about the Italians’s behaviour toward their team.
After the first match against UK, everybody acclaimed the team: “the best ever team”, “the incredible team”, Balotelli already carried in triumph…
And then… after 2 consecutive defeats, everybody began to disapprove the team: the management, the [...]

Doha: it wasn’t the fastest race of my life…

Final result: 21st
“It wasn’t the fastest race of my life, but on a new bike in a new category it’s what we expected. On the other hand, we finished the race, our first true long run, and we gathered a lot of data that will be essential to our development process. We need time. When the bike starts working well my riding style will also improve and we’ll be able to take a decisive step. [...]

Test MotoGP Losail Day2

“We improved a bit today but we need to do better, especially on corner entry and getting the bike to close the line on the exit opening up the throttle. Unfortunately I still had a cough when I got to Qatar and I’m having trouble breathing, but today I’m a bit better than yesterday. I’m [...]

MAGNY COURS. Today we did a great job…

Result Race 1: 2nd / Result Race 2: 1st “Today we did a great job. The bike was fantastic and I was able to confirm my performance in Jerez. Sylvain was very fast and in the first laps it was difficult to overtake, but we created a good gap in front of our rivals straightaway. [...]

Jerez. This weekend my team and I started off well

Result Race 1: 1st / Result Race 2: 1st “After the crash in Race 2 at Laguna Seca I was very disappointed because we could have taken a double win there. This weekend my team and I started off well straight away, changing very little on the bike and my RSV4 performed very well today. [...]

Laguna Seca. I’m disappointed because a double win was definitely within reach.

Result Race 1: 1st / Result Race 2: DNF Crash. “My start in Race 1 was great even if I was a bit nervous in the first laps since Tom usually tries to pull the pin straight away. When he made that mistake at the Corkscrew I thought that was the right opportunity to push [...]

Portimao. It is really a shame

Result Race 1: 4th / Result Race 2: DNF Crash. “It is really a shame. After almost making it onto the podium in Race 1 I had the right pace to redeem myself in Race 2. Unfortunately it went as badly as it could and I’m sorry about that because I could have had a [...]